Readers ask: How To Put A Podcast On Google Play?

How much does it cost to put a podcast on Google Play?

Total plays for your show or episode Google Podcasts Manager is free to use and requires only a Google Account and a podcast feed to sign up.

How do I transfer a podcast to Google Play?

If you listen to podcasts on Google Play Music, you can also transfer your subscriptions and episode progress to Google Podcasts by going to

Is it free to upload a podcast to Google?

The official app for Android devices, Google Podcasts is similar to Apple Podcasts in that users can discover free and trending podcasts, play the latest episodes from their favorite shows, explore recommendations, and manage listening activity.

How do I get Google podcast to play automatically?

To turn on Autoplay:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts.
  2. At the bottom, tap Home.
  3. At the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial Podcast settings.
  4. Under “Playback,” turn on Autoplay.
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How do Google podcasts make money?

How To Make Money Podcasting: 11 Ways To Monetize A Podcast

  1. Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Sponsors & Advertising.
  3. Courses.
  4. Services.
  5. Coaching & Consulting.
  6. Crowdfunding & Donations.
  7. Premium Content.
  8. Events.

How do I monetize a Google podcast?

Once you have a podcast audience, you can start earning with the following podcast monetization strategies:

  1. Sponsorship Deals.
  2. Affiliate Partnerships.
  3. Offering Premium Content.
  4. Asking For Donations.
  5. Joining A Podcast Advertising Network.
  6. Selling Merchandise.
  7. Selling Access To A Course.
  8. Live Events.

Does Google have a podcast player?

If you’re looking to keep track of your podcasts, the Google Podcasts app is now available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can then subscribe to your favorite podcasts and listen to individual episodes online or download them for offline listening.

What happened to Google Play podcasts?

Google Podcasts Manager is replacing Google Play Music Podcast Portal as the new home for your podcast listeners on Google. Starting in the next few weeks, you’ll no longer be able to add new podcast shows through Podcast Portal. Later this year, access to Google Play Music Podcast Portal will be removed permanently.

Is Google play the same as Google podcast?

Confusingly, Google has two platforms for listening to podcasts: Google Play (their music app) and Google Podcasts (which is built-in to Android).

Which podcast app is best?

The best podcast apps of 2021 for listening to all your favorite

  • Here are the best podcast apps:
  • Apple Podcasts.
  • Google Podcasts.
  • Spotify.
  • Audible.
  • Stitcher.
  • TuneIn Radio.
  • Check out our other streaming and audio guides.
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Is it free to start a podcast on Spotify?

Is Spotify Free for Podcasts? Spotify will include your podcast for free using the above steps. In this way it’s similar to other podcasting apps and websites. You’ll still need a podcast host, of course, but there are free options for those as well.

Where can I find free podcasts?

Popular options include Spotify, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher. Many of these apps work on both Apple and Android devices, and most of them are free. (Some offer different tiers of service with the most basic one being free.) There are also podcast platforms devoted to particular genres.

How do I automatically play the next podcast?

To automatically add new release episodes to Up Next

  1. Open a podcast.
  2. Tap the settings cog to go to Podcast Settings.
  3. Toggle on Add To Up Next.

How do I stop podcasts from downloading automatically?

In the settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Podcasts”. Now, scroll down and select “Download Episodes” as shown in the screenshot below. You’ll see that it’s set to download new episodes by default. Select “Off” to completely turn off automatic downloads.

How do I download Google podcasts to my computer?

Google Chrome can be downloaded from if it is not already installed.

  1. Log in to Chrome using your Google account details.
  2. In a new tab on Chrome, go to which is the web version of Google Podcasts.

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