Readers ask: How To Get Audio Files To Play In Powerpoint?

Why is my audio not playing in PowerPoint?

You can do this by clicking on the “Volume” icon in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. Make sure the speaker volume is not muted. The next step is to make sure that the volume for the PowerPoint software is not muted. To do that, right click on the “Volume” icon and press the “Open Sound settings” button.

How do I change the audio settings in PowerPoint?

Change the Volume Setting of an Audio File on a PowerPoint Slide

  1. Select the sound icon on the slide.
  2. Go to the Audio Tools Playback tab.
  3. In the Audio Options group, select Volume.
  4. Choose Low, Medium, High, or Mute depending on your needs and preferences.
  5. Select Play to test the audio volume.

How can I tell if an audio file is embedded in PowerPoint?

To confirm that your. wav file was embedded, right click on the audio icon in PowerPoint and select, ‘Edit Sound Object’. If you see a path next to ‘File:’, that indicates your audio file is linked, not embedded. wav files into your slide within PowerPoint:

  1. Click on Insert.
  2. Click on Audio.
  3. Click on Audio on My PC.
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How do you rewind audio after playing in PowerPoint?

To rewind your video after playing during your presentation, do the following: Under Video Tools, on the Playback tab, in the Video Options group, select the Rewind after Playing check box.

How is a linked audio file different from an embedded audio file?

The main differences between embedded sounds (objects) and linked sounds are where they are stored and how you update them after you put them in your presentation. Embedded files are stored within the presentation, and linked files are stored outside the presentation.

What is an embedded file in PowerPoint?

Embedded objects The source data is embedded in the presentation. You can view the embedded object on another computer, because the source data is part of the presentation file.

How do I save an audio file in PowerPoint?

Save embedded media from a presentation (audio or video)

  1. Right-click (or Control-click on macOS) the audio icon or video, and click Save Media as.
  2. In the Save Media as dialog box, choose a folder and also enter a name for the media file.
  3. Select Save.

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