Lol How To Play Jhin?

Is JHIN easy?

Even though Jhin is easy to play but it is still relatively hard to master the champion. One cool thing about Jhin is that he doesn’t even have a single dash, go invisible, and become immortal while shielding everyone globally ability, but he is still a strong pick in current meta.

Can JHIN be played mid?

Jhin can effectively itemize MR boots and Hexdrinker, and with a bit of jungle help, he can punish their immobility. I don’t think it’s bad and I like playing it sometimes, but playing jhin mid is basically asking to get camped.

How do you use a JHIN combo?

Jhin ยท Combos Trade normally by AA three times then Q right before using your final shot. To keep your target locked in range while you trade AA then quickly W, then AA Q and AA twice more for your 4th shot.

Is JHIN good for beginners?

Jhin is a really fun champ to play. He can be picked up by beginners but is not so easy to master. So the thing is, jhin can be a bit hard to Cs with (aka farm) for beginners. You have to learn to be patient and use your shots wisely.

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Is JHIN good early?

Jhin has a great early and mid-game but falls to other late game ADCs due to his 4-auto passive. Jhin can burst down anyone once he has items. His passive gives him movement speed with each crit allowing him to kite like other ADCs. Her early game isn’t the worst but her mid-to-late game is extremely good.

Is JHIN good right now?

Jhin is a champ who can easily follow on ganks with his Deadly Flourish and pretty good movement speed so if you are getting pushed in badly definately try and call for your jungler. While your still in lane play opportunistic with your support. Well mid game i would usually play it 2 different ways.

Is JHIN a good ADC?

Jhin is and remains the strongest ADC. If you want to play Jhin on his crit build, just keep in mind that Stormrazor has been nerfed and you’d better get Infinity Edge as your first item. It synergizes nicely with Jhin’s skills, which give him guaranteed crit hits, and crits are tons of damage!

Is mid JHIN a thing?

The items after Youmuu’s Ghostblade will help you scale into the mid to late game. This is another item build coming from Jhin ADC and being implemented into Jhin Mid. You go this build if you want to farm and have the best mid to late game powerspike.

Why is JHIN so popular?

Jhin has the advantage that the current strong lethality items suit him and are very strong overall on him. Also the higher damage done by everything works better with his passive. The most important imo is that he spikes really well into the game with 1-2 items.

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Who beats JHIN?

Jhin Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Twitch, a moderately diffcult to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 50.84% (Average) and Play Rate of 2.81% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Jhin, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.

What goes well with JHIN?

Jhin’s Best Supports?

  • 1: Jhin does well with champs like Sona, Annie, and Velkoz who have ranged abilities and attacks so as to proc his W stun.
  • 2: Since Jhin has a set attack speed, supports like Blitzcrank and Leona have to time their combos with the amount of shots that remains in his combo.

Does JHIN do magic damage?

Dancing Grenade Jhin launches a magical cartridge at an enemy. It can hit up to four targets and gains damage each time it kills.

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