How To Play After Midnight On Guitar?

Is JJ Cale a good guitarist?

If guitar players were voted by juries of their peers, JJ Cale — who died Friday at age 74 — would surely be canonized among rock’s all-time six-string top 10. Of course, one reason his fellow pickers revered him is among the same reasons he wasn’t as well-known to the masses: he was a master of minimalism.

What key is midnight hour in?

In the Midnight Hour is written in the key of E. Open Key notation: 5d.

What type of guitar did JJ Cale play?

For a few years in the early 80s, he played a late-70s Strat and I have another highly modified Stratocaster where he started with the body and neck, then added pickups and made it to his liking.

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