FAQ: Tristana How To Play?

Is Tristana good for beginners?

Being the oldest ADC in League of Legends, Tristana is the baseline for her role. For beginners, Tristana may be the best ADC to start off with, but for experienced players she can still make game changing plays. Though intuitive, Tristana takes time and skill to master along with a bit of restraint.

Is Tristana easy to play?

Playing Tristana is fairly simple, but does have a few traps that are dangerous to fall into. On paper, Tristana is a solid marksman for inexperienced players who wants to learn the ways of an ADC.

Can Tristana play top?

She’s pretty awful top in the current meta (she’s not even top tier in bot), but she’s a very strong hypercarry if you can snowball. Therefore, she won’t work well unless you’re playing against players that are much worse than you.

Is Rumble in love with Tristana?

Well, turns out that Rumble apparently has a HUGE crush on Tristana. If you have Super Galaxy Rumble (which I do) and you recall next to Tristana (which I have), you’d be aware of this by now, since he has special interactions with there like: “Let’s make fireworks, baby!” or “How do you like me now, Tristana?”.

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What support is good with Vayne?

In Terms of Synergy, picks like Nami and Lulu are good with Vayne. The best counter picks to use against Vayne will be Draven, Miss Fortune, and Tristana have a good chance to win the match up. The best champions to use with Vayne based on synergy are Nami, Lulu, and even Blitzcrank are good combos.

Is ezreal good lol?

Ezreal is one of the best ADCs currently in solo queue and competitive play. He has a high skill cap, which allows you to easily tell a professional Ezreal player from your Gold-ranked teammate in a solo queue game. The latest item rework made Ezreal a great pick in the current meta.

What support is good with Ashe?

Soraka. Soraka isn’t only one of the best supports for Ashe in season 11, but she is the very best! There are many reasons why these champions work so well together, but let’s start with the obvious one. Soraka is the best healer pick in League of Legends.

Is Caitlyn good lol?

Caitlyn 11.19 Caitlyn Build 11.19 ranks as an S-Tier pick for the Bottom Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 52.6% (Good), Pick Rate of 14.74% (High), and a Ban Rate of 5.27% (High). 5

Who’s a good support for ezreal?

Some of the best supports I find for Ezreal are:

  • Janna: Can easily engage or disengage when needed, has a shield to protect Ezreal.
  • Taric: A reliable CC stun and heal.
  • Sona: Good poke and sustain.
  • Leona:Lots of CC and sunlight procs to increase your burst damage.
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What should I build on Tristana?

Tristana Item Build

  • Kraken Slayer.
  • Berserker’s Greaves.
  • Stormrazor.
  • Infinity Edge.
  • Phantom Dancer.
  • Bloodthirster.

What roles can Tristana play?

Tristana’s main lane will usually always be the bot lane, but she is viable as a solo laner as well. As a marksman, Tristana will always fit in the bot lane alongside a good support. Tristana is also capable of playing from the mid lane, which has been commonly seen over several patches in season 11.

How do I get S+ with Tristana?

How get an S+ on Tristana?

  1. Don’t die.
  2. Kill at least 2.
  3. Get multiple assist from Tower/Dragon/Baron.
  4. Finish game under 30 minutes.

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