FAQ: How To Play Passenger?

Is let her go hard to play on guitar?

This song is super easy to play, without playing the harder bar chords and using normal open chords instead, other versions online want you to play the B chord using your hand across the fretboard, and that’s simply not the best way. In fact, there are tons of other ways to play all the chords in this song.

What is B minor chord?

The B minor triad, more commonly called the B minor chord, is a minor triad consisting of the notes B, D and F-sharp. As a minor triad, the B minor chord consists of a minor third plus a major third. The interval from B to D is a minor third, while the interval between D and F-sharp is a major third.

What does 0h2 mean in guitar Tabs?

0h2 is guitar tablature indicating a hammer on from the open string to the second frett. This phrase can be played on any string of the guitar.

Who made let her go song?

“Let Her Go” is a song written and recorded by English singer-songwriter Passenger. It was recorded at Sydney’s Linear Recording and co-produced by Mike Rosenberg (a.k.a. Passenger) and Chris Vallejo.

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