Films Based on Video Games

You often hear about video games based on films, but how often do you hear about films based on video games? Believe it or not, there are plenty of examples that you are probably less familiar with or you have forgotten about. For example, do you remember the Super Mario Bros film from the early 1990s starring Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins? There was so much hype over that movie when it came out because Super Mario Bros was a popular Nintendo game franchise. Unfortunately, the film failed to live up to the expectations of fans who loved the video games of that franchise.

Simpsons video game

However, it used to be quite common for films based on video games to disappoint those who were fans of the games. Some more examples of this from the 1990s were Double Dragon, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. They were very popular video games franchises, but the films failed to capture the magic of the games.

Raider starring Angelina Jolie came out in 2001, it grossed over $270 million at the box office. That is quite a lot of money for a film based on a video game. Critics claim that Angelina Jolie was the primary reason why the movie did so well, and they may have been right. On the other hand, fans of the Tomb Raider franchise have always liked the idea of a female adventurer and they may have wanted to see that brought to the silver screen. Either way, it was a very successful movie which even had a sequel made two years later.

the punisher video game

The success of Tomb Raider quickly inspired a flock of other video game based films to be made. There was Resident Evil in 2002, which was based off the zombie horror video game series. The movie grossed over $100 million at the box office and surprisingly spawned four sequels, with a fifth sequel already in the works. Horror movies based on video games seemed to be popular in the 2000s. Some more examples of this are Alone in the Dark, Doom, Silent Hill and House of the Dead.

Now days you can pretty much expect films based on video games to be a common occurrence. If the films are not live action then they will most likely be cartoons or CGI films. The computer animation technology of the modern age makes it easy for filmmakers to create these kinds of films, which is why you see so many more of them today. In fact, there is even a movie coming out in 2016 based on the popular mobile phone game Angry Birds. This goes to show you how much films and video games coexist in the modern age.