Super Soaker – Recreational Water Toy

Super Soaker water guns are made by Hasbro under the Nerf brand. The toy was invented in 1982 by an engineer named Lonnie Johnson, but was not put into mass production until 1989. They were originally sold under the name Power Drencher, but were later rebranded to Super Soakers in 1991 after a series of TV advertisements. That year over 2 million of the guns were sold.

Super Soaker sales peak in the summer months when children are looking for a way to be entertained outdoors while remaining cool. To date, more than $1 billion dollars’ worth of Super Soakers have been sold throughout the world. The brand has enjoyed such popularity that the term Super Soaker is now often used to describe any type of water gun.

Super Soaker


While on the surface the Super Soaker may look like a toy, to a child, it is much more. Many childhood disputes have been solved over the years with an epic Super Soaker battle. Kids in neighborhoods often group off into armies and take their water fights to the streets where they battle it out for bragging rights.

As a result, the Super Soaker brand has released bigger, better guns over the years. The water reservoirs become larger and the pumping mechanisms become more efficient. The goal is always to maximize soakage while minimizing the physical work needed to drench the opponent. Each model of Super Soaker is carefully engineered and tested to meet the strict demands of 9-year-old warlords

In recent years, Super Soakers have seen a renewed surge in popularity, despite the increase in anti-gun sentiments. Though some say Super Soakers encourage violent play, parents see the toys as the anti-screen. They force children outdoors and to interact with one another in real time.

To help alleviate outcry from the anti-gun movement, Nerf makes sure that Super Soakers are always painted bright colors and are not shaped like actual guns. Though they share some components, like a trigger, it would be very difficult to mistake a Super Soaker for an actual gun. Most parents agree that the benefits of social interaction and outdoor play outweigh any negative aspects of a gun-like toy, so it’s safe to say that the Super Soaker is here to stay.

Amazing Silly Putty

Silly Putty - It bounces, breaks, stretches, and bends and can even pick up newspaper print. It can flow like a liquid in the right circumstances offers hours of creative play. It’s packaged in an egg to prevent it from drying and has a rather identifiable scent that many people associate with childhood.

Silly Putty would not have been invented if it weren’t for the rubber shortages caused by World War II. During the war, rubber was so valuable that it was rationed. Rubber was needed for the war efforts to produce tires, aircraft parts, boots, gas masks and more. Because of the high value of rubber and short supply, researchers spent countless hours trying to develop a rubber alternative.

The result to these efforts was what we now know as Silly Putty. Though not quite the rubber alternative researchers were hoping for, the silicon-based substance wound up being a cheap and wonderful toy that helped lift the spirits of children at a time when it was desperately needed.

Like most inventions, there is some contention when it comes to who should receive credit for the creation. Early Warrick has been credited as the inventor, as has Dow Corning, Harvey Chin and James Wright. There is some belief that multiple people invented Silly Putty independently, and at around the same time. The substance is made by reacting boric acid with silicone oil to create a unique material that transcends traditional properties of solids, liquids and semi-solids.

Silly Putty

Silly Putty is non-toxic and will bounce when dropped. It can stretch much further than rubber, is mold-resistant and has a very high melting temperature. It can also break when struck suddenly. Because of this, the putty was not deemed a good alternative to traditional rubber as researchers had hoped.
Fortunately, an enterprising toy store owner named Ruth Fallgatter heard about Silly Putty and recognized its potential. She contacted a market consultant by the name of Peter Hodgson to help her sell the putty. It did not do well in her toy store and Fallgatter abandoned her efforts to market it. However, Hodgson didn’t give up. Already $12,000 in debt, he borrowed another $147 to buy a batch of plastic eggs and some putty. He dubbed the putty-filled eggs Silly Putty. Silly Putty was mentioned in a New Yorker article and sales skyrocketed.

Silly Putty was a best-selling toy for a while until the Korean War nearly put Hodgson out of business. Silicone was a main ingredient in silly putty and was rationed during the war. The business suffered greatly and nearly had to shut down until the restriction on silicone was lifted and production could resume.

Silly Putty Toys

Today, Silly Putty is a pop culture icon. It is a toy that nearly every child has played with and it still only costs about $1 for 1 plastic egg. There is no right or wrong way to play with the putty and that flexibility is part of the product’s appeal. Silly Putty is sold worldwide and has even gone to space with the 1968 Apollo 8 mission. After the death of Peter Hodgson, the rights to Silly Putty were acquired by Crayola. Annual sales exceed 6 million eggs. Silly Putty also enjoys a place of honor in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Why I love Monopoly

Monopoly is one board game that never makes you bored. The simple reason is that it is a game that teaches you about business strategy that will help you achieve great things in the real world. It quickens your thinking and analyzing abilities and leads you to up your game with each move.

Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly Marvel Monopoly

The basic impression anyone who is new to the game or who watches the game being played gets is that it is a fantastical situation of being a real estate tycoon. One might say that it is about making money and creating a monopoly. While both of these are true, it is important to understand that there is much more to the game than making money or buying real estate. There are ways for you to develop and think out of the box, which differentiates it from other games.

  • You always have options. You can enter into partnerships, give commissions, earn commissions and work your way towards building your empire and gaining control.
  • You do not always have to play alone. You have plenty of chances to socialize with players unlike in a game like chess where you will be a lone player fighting to keep his place.
  • While there are many options to create partnerships with other players, there is always the ongoing competition among players. It is the competition itself which induces you to enter into a business deal with your biggest enemy sometimes so that the rivalry is negated and your positions are made equal in the market.
  • The importance of cash is always highlighted throughout the game. While you may want to invest in big pieces of land you will always need to have cash in your business.
  • It is more or less a real world investment situation and it hones your skills. It teaches you how to think and how to find the easiest and most efficient ways to grow and how to make clever investment decisions.
  • You will learn about your negotiation skills and how to negotiate with others from different backgrounds, possessing different real estate.

A certain part of it may actually depend on the luck of the player but once you start focusing on your investments and how to best utilize them, you would be hooked on Monopoly.

While there is an element of complexity in the game, mainly the decision-making process, there is a level of simplicity as well. Any new user can understand the game easily as long as they are of a business mind and possesses common sense.

By the end of one game a player would know what made him lose and the winner win. This realization is important and is not seen in other board games. The players will know where they went wrong and what they could have done to be more successful. This realization which makes them prepare better for future games and even life decisions is invaluable and most useful from a board game like Monopoly.

Raggedy Ann and Andy

The design for Raggedy Ann was patented on September 7, 1915. The doll design was turned into a series of stories in 1918 and in 1920, Raggedy Ann was joined by her male counterpart, Raggedy Andy.


raggedy ann

There are few people alive today that can’t recognize the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Though today’s youth haven’t grown up with the stories the same way that their parents did, they still know the red yard hair and triangle nose as being one of the Raggedy Ann siblings. The dolls are often given as toys and special edition dolls are collected by fans of the red-haired siblings.
The story of Raggedy Ann’s creation is about as glamorous as her dress. The doll was created when the designer drew a simple face on an old hand-made rag doll. The name inspiration for the doll was complete chance as well. The designer pulled a book of poems from his bookshelf and flipped to “The Raggedy Man”followed by “Little Orphan Annie”. He combined the names to come up with Raggedy Ann.


The designer’s daughter succumbed to what was believed to be a side effect of the smallpox vaccine shortly after receiving the doll. The Raggedy Ann doll then became a symbol of the original anti-vaccination movement, which is gaining traction once again today.

Even though Raggedy Ann lacks a glamorous past and is associated with one of the most highly controversial movements of modern times, parents and grandparents continue to give Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls to their children and grandchildren to play with. Today’s children see the dolls as nothing more than a toy as the popularity of the books have diminished.
Raggedy Ann and Andy don’t do anything special. They are simply rag dolls. Their lack of flare is part of what makes them appealing to parents and kids. They beg to be used during imaginative play and because they aren’t battery operated, they’re great for bringing in the car or for playing with quietly in the evenings. The twin red heads can attend tea parties, visit the beach, go to grandmas and come back for a movie all without breaking a sweat.

Unfortunately, it is becoming difficult to find the doll in stores as the tainted association of the doll to the anti-vaccination movement grows stronger. Stores are hesitant to sell the dolls as to not align themselves with a cause. Many parents that disagree with the movement have removed the dolls from their homes.

There are few toys as inadvertently controversial as Ragged Ann and Andy. The dolls may look harmless on the outside, but once parents start looking into their history, they soon find there’s more to Raggedy Ann than meets the eye. Despite their lack of bells and whistles, Raggedy Ann and Andy are two of the most interesting and longstanding toys on the market.

Game Jenga – Are You Uр To The Chаllеngе?

On thеіr оwn, bаrѕ tеnd tо bе рrеttу mаgnіfісеnt thіngѕ. Tаѕtу аdult bеvеrаgеѕ, соnvеrѕаtіоnѕ with frіеndѕ аnd ѕtrаngеrѕ, mауbе lіvе music, a kаrаоkе machine оr оnе hell of a jukеbоx; it’s all іn thе mіx when уоu ѕtер out for a nіght оn thе tоwn.


But ѕоmеtіmеѕ уоur еvеnіng rеquіrеѕ more then just a bar tаb. Sоmеtіmеѕ уоu wаnt tо play аrоund, challenge your frіеndѕ, impress a potential fling оr just асt lіkе a kid, (аlbеіt whіlе drіnkіng аdult beverages.) Thаt’ѕ whеrе gаmе bars соmе іn. And аmоng those gаmеѕ is gаmе Jenga.

There are a number оf gаmеѕ that оnе саn tаkе up. But kееріng іn mіnd thе аgе fасtоrѕ аѕ well, thеrе is one gаmе thаt еvеrуоnе wоuld bе kееn оn trying. This gаmе is known as Jenga. Leslie Sсоtt was thе fоundеr of the game. Since thеn, it hаѕ bееn wіdеlу ассlаіmеd bу people all оvеr the Country and around the world. Thе gаmе Jenga involves a lоt of рhуѕісаl and mеntаl ѕkіllѕ. Onе nееdѕ tо bе саlсulаtіvе tо bе a wіnnеr of thе gаmе. Thе numbеr оf рlауеrѕ tо this gаmе is not limited. Thе greater number of players уоu hаvе, more fun would уоu have.

During thе game, players take turns rеmоvіng оnе block аt a tіmе from a tоwеr соnѕtruсtеd оf 54 blocks. Each block rеmоvеd is thеn balanced оn tор оf thе tоwеr, creating a progressively taller but lеѕѕ ѕtаblе structure. Thе nаmе jеngа wаѕ dеrіvеd frоm a Swahili wоrd mеаnіng “to buіld”


Jеngа іѕ рlауеd wіth 54 wooden blосkѕ. Each blосk is thrее times аѕ long аѕ its wіdth, аnd one fіfth as thісk as іtѕ lеngth 1.5 сm × 2.5 сm × 7.5 cm (0.59 іn × 0.98 in × 2.95 іn). Tо ѕеt up the gаmе, thе іnсludеd lоаdіng trау іѕ uѕеd tо ѕtасk thе іnіtіаl tower which has eighteen lеvеlѕ оf three blосkѕ рlасеd аdjасеnt tо еасh оthеr аlоng thеіr long side and perpendicular tо thе previous lеvеl (so, fоr example, іf thе blосkѕ in thе first level lіе lеngthwіѕе nоrth-ѕоuth, the second level blосkѕ will lіе еаѕt-wеѕt).

Onсе thе tower is built, the person whо buіlt the tоwеr gets thе first move. Moving іn Jеngа consists оf taking оnе аnd оnlу оnе block frоm аnу lеvеl (except thе оnе bеlоw the incomplete top lеvеl) of the tower, аnd placing іt оn thе topmost level tо complete іt. Only оnе hаnd ѕhоuld be uѕеd аt a tіmе whеn tаkіng blосkѕ from the tоwеr. Blосkѕ mау be bumреd tо fіnd a loose block thаt wіll nоt disturb thе rеѕt оf thе tоwеr. Anу block that іѕ moved оut of place muѕt bе rеturnеd tо its оrіgіnаl location bеfоrе removing another blосk. Thе turn ends whеn the nеxt person tо move touches the tоwеr or аftеr tеn ѕесоndѕ, whісhеvеr оссurѕ fіrѕt.

The game еndѕ whеn thе tоwеr fаllѕ, оr іf any ріесе fаllѕ frоm thе tоwеr оthеr thаn thе ріесе being knосkеd out tо mоvе to thе top. The wіnnеr іѕ the last person to successfully rеmоvе аnd place a blосk.

Types of Game Jenga

Jеngа Truth оr Dаrе is an аdult vаrіаtіоn оf Jеngа . Thіѕ version lооkѕ lіkе rеgulаr Jеngа еxсерt thеrе аrе thrее соlоurѕ оf blocks, red, grееn and natural, іnѕtеаd оf just the nаturаl соlоur of Jenga. Plау іѕ the same, but іf a рlауеr mоvеѕ a red blосk оn thаt play, thе рlауеr must complete thе dаrе рrіntеd оn іt before ѕtасkіng the block оn tор. A рlауеr who moves a green blосk muѕt truthfullу аnѕwеr the question рrіntеd on the blосk bеfоrе ѕtасkіng іt. Thе nаturаl blосkѕ hаvе nоthіng рrіntеd on thеm аnd аrе рlауеd аѕ іn nоrmаl Jеngа. Hоwеvеr, іt іѕ реrmіѕѕіblе tо wrіtе a рlауеr’ѕ оwn truths оr dаrеѕ оn the nаturаl blосkѕ іf dеѕіrеd.

Jеngа XXL аnd Jenga Gіаnt аrе licensed gіаnt Jеngа gаmеѕ manufactured аnd distributed by Art’ѕ Ideas. Jenga Giant саn rеасh 3 feet (90 сm) оr hіghеr in play. Jеngа XXL ѕtаrtѕ at оvеr 4 fееt (1.2 m) hіgh and can rеасh 8 fееt (2.4 m) оr hіghеr іn рlау. Rules are the ѕаmе аѕ іn сlаѕѕіс Jеngа, еxсерt рlауеrѕ can uѕе twо hаndѕ tо mоvе thе eighteen-inch long blocks.

Jеngа Xtrеmе uѕеѕ раrаllеlоgrаm-ѕhареd blосkѕ that can сrеаtе ѕоmе interesting leaning tоwеrѕ. Cаѕіnо Jеngа: Lаѕ Vеgаѕ Edіtіоn employs a roulette-style game play, fеаturіng a fеlt gаmе bоаrd, bеttіng chips, and additional rulеѕ.

In addition, there have bееn a numbеr оf collector edition Jenga gаmеѕ, fеаturіng the соlоrѕ аnd lоgоѕ оf thе Boston Rеd Sox, Oakland Raiders, Nеw Yоrk Yаnkееѕ, аnd Jоhn Dееrе, among оthеrѕ. Hеllо Kitty Jenga, Trаnѕfоrmеrѕ Jеngа, Tаrzаn Jenga, Tіm Burton’s The Nіghtmаrе Bеfоrе Chrіѕtmаѕ Jenga, аnd Donkey Kong Jеngа аrе ѕоmе of thе lісеnѕеd variations of Jenga.


 Play-Doh comes in a rainbow of colors and is inexpensive to buy. Since it was first marketed to kids, Play-Doh has enjoyed immense popularity.


Play-Doh has an interesting history. The compound was originally created in the 1930s and was marketed as a wallpaper cleaner. The semi-tacky surface of play dough easily removed dirt, dust and grease from wallpaper without leaving any residue behind. The original recipe used flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil. However, children soon got hold of the cleaning mixture and began using it for imaginative play. Parents liked that it was non-messy, inexpensive and fun for kids. The makers of Play-Doh realized the potential, added color and began selling to children. By the mid-1950s, Play-Doh found its way into the Cincinnati school system and was being used as an educational toy.

Play doh


Play-Doh has an interesting market niche. It’s nostalgic, but modern. It’s collectible, yet disposable. For less than a buck you can get a tub of the colorful compound and create anything you can imagine. There are play sets that go with Play-Doh so you can create ice cream or hair or just about anything else you can think of. The people that collect Play-Doh (as strange as they may seem), will pay a lot of money on auction sites like eBay for the original accessory sets or even some of the more modern limited edition sets.

Regardless of how you classify Play-Doh in terms of modern or nostalgic or anything in between, the doughy mixture remains one of the most popular toys in the world. Not only is it a toy that parents buy for their kids, it’s also a toy that schools buy by the ton. Play-Doh can be used to foster imaginative play or to teach lessons about everything from fractions to fine art. Play-Doh is obviously non-electric, but more impressively, so are the play sets that go along with it. For parents that try and force their kids to unplug from time to time, Play-Doh is a top contender in the toy aisle.


Of course, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Almost every kid knows the crushing heartbreak of opening a tub of Play-Doh that wasn’t quite sealed right and finding a dry brick of crushed dreams. You see, if Play-Doh isn’t sealed perfectly, it quickly dries out and becomes an unusable (and quite sharp) mass of color. For parents, it’s wise to keep a couple backup tubs of it handy for such an emergency.


Because Play-Doh is so cheap to buy and so much fun to play with for kids of all ages, it’s likely that it will continue to be one of the top selling toys of all time. Kids growing up today will likely look back and tell their own kids about how they used to shape the dough into fake hamburgers, loch ness monsters and more. It’s remarkable to think that what was once a wallpaper cleaner has become such an iconic part of childhood.


Mall Madness Board Game

Mall Madness is a shopping-themed game that has undergone several releases in its nearly 30 years of existence. The game is designed for teenagers and can be played with 2 to 4 people. The object of the game is to navigate a shopping mall, purchase 6 items and be the first to make it back to the parking lot.


Everything I know about shopping at a mall, I learned from Mall Madness. Like a finely-tuned machine of war, the game taught about strategy, prioritizing, budgeting and more in one of the most brutal ways possible. Spend too much money on the first item and you wont have enough to buy the last item, ensuring your demise. Spend too much time heading to a trendy store rather than a nearby utilitarian store and you will fall behind the pack, getting eaten up with the hype of the mall display.



While some may say Mall Madness teaches bad habits like overconsumption and indebtedness, I say it teaches survival. No 90′s Mall Madness champion can ever walk into a shopping mall as an adult without going into offense-mode. Get in. Find a bargain. Get out. Race to your car and leave as quickly as possible. Those that linger will perish.

Okay, so maybe its not that dramatic, but its pretty close. As an adult, I look back on Mall Madness with a sense of nostalgia. The fun game I used to play with my friends is now a teaching tool that I play with my kids. There are so many learning opportunities built into the game that its easy to see why it was one my parents readily let us have. The game teaches kids to count money, budget, create a prioritized shopping list and stick to it. It doesnt teach indebtedness, it teaches smart spending.

The lessons taught in Mall Madness can be applied to other areas of life too. Every problem can be solved by creating a plan of attack and persevering through it, even if you keep rolling 1s and all you really need is a 6.


Of course, like any good game, Mall Madness has gone through several updates. One of the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) parts of the most up-to-date version of the game is the electronic voice of the mall. It announces sales, bargains and other useful information. Smart players can listen to the announcements to get the best deals at stores near them so they can leave the mall faster and get to the finish line first.


The key to winning Mall Madness is to have a strong sense of resolve and little to no vanity. Once you have created your plan of attack, the game will entice you to abandon it at every turn. Stay strong, follow your original plan, collect your items and leave to go stand in the winners circle.


For anyone that grew up playing Mall Madness, the slow demise of the American Shopping Mall is even more bittersweet. Grab a copy of the game, sit down with your kids and relive a simpler, more adventurous time when shopping malls were the place to be for teenagers.

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a plastic toy that is shaped to look like a potato. It includes several pre-made holes where plastic eyes, ears, shoes, hats, noses, mouths and arms can be attached. The customizable toy was invented by George Lerner in 1949 and began production by Hasbro in 1952. Over the years, several versions have been released with varying accessories.

potato head


There are few people that have been born in the last 50 years that don’t know what Mr. Potato Head is. The childhood staple has been released dozens of times in standard and limited edition kits. The kits contain eyes, noses, mouths, shoes, hats and more. By mixing and matching pieces, kids can create limitless combinations for imaginative play.
I remember spending countless hours playing with Mr. Potato Head. My parents loved it and they encouraged me to play with it. At the time, I thought they liked seeing the combinations I could come up with. Looking back, I know they just liked because it didn’t light up or make noise.

One of the selling features of Mr. Potato Head was that you could store the parts in the back. There was a trap door in the rump that would open for easy access. Unfortunately, the hinges weren’t of great quality and I can remember the door popping off almost constantly. The idea was that kids could put their own toys away because the trap door was easy to open. That would teach them responsibility. In reality, it was just one more thing mom had to constantly fix for me.


Mr. Potato Head came in a variety of styles over the years. There was a regular version with generic accessories, a Toy Story edition and even a Mrs. Potato Head. You could purchase boat trailers, cars and other embellishments to give your potato a luxurious life. Mr. Potato Head even made a cameo in several movies. There was a brief television show called The Mr. Potato Head Show that debuted in 1998, but the pilot season was never picked up. Mr. Potato Head is still a quasi-celebrity and enjoys a balloon in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Mr. Potato Head also enjoys great popularity in preschool classrooms. The toy makes a great first lesson on anatomy. Kids can learn through play by naming the parts as they put them on the toy. The convenient in-doll storage makes Mr. Potato Head hard to pass up for a lot of teachers.


Despite the lack of electronics and the length of time that Mr. Potato Head has been on the market, the toy continues to demand top dollar. Sets frequently retail for $20 or more and parents readily pay as a way to connect with their own childhoods and give their kids a little bit of the carefree childhoods they remember.

Monopoly Elvis 75th Anniversary

The King of rock n’ roll is back! Play one of the most beloved and treasured board games …Memphis-style! This exciting version of the classic realty board game is dedicated to the King himself, full of Elvis-related game properties, themed game cards – even pewter tokens; Tupelo and Graceland pieces; and Elvis money! Chock-full of references, pictures and featuring 22 of Elvis’ most cherished albums, the Elvis Monopoly set also coincides as a Special 75th Anniversary Edition. Every music lover will find something to appreciate – even those who aren’t fans to begin with! Not only is it fun, it’s officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises – making it an absolute must-have for ALL Elvis fans!

monopoly elvis

Head on down to Heartbreak Hotel – take a vacation in Blue Hawaii – toughen up at G.I. Blues – or even revisit the one and only’s iconic performances at Madison Square Garden or the famous ’68 Comeback Special. Buy, sell and trade his most memorable albums and concerts and recall Elvis’ film career with tunes from King Creole and Jailhouse Rock. Visit Memphis, Vegas and everything in between in an attempt to own it all! The game’s Chance and Community Chest cards are “All Shook Up” too – specially themed messages and designs are literally everywhere! Navigate the board with uniquely made custom pewter tokens including Elvis’s signature sunglasses, guitar, leather jacket, Cadillac, teddy bear and record player! Get nostalgic with the themed property pieces (houses and hotels) and pay with Elvis bucks!

Of all the themed Monopoly’s that have been released, this is certainly among the best. This makes a worthy addition to any game collection (or Elvis memorabilia collection) for both fans of the game and fans of the King. Grab a “Hard Headed Woman” and your “Hound Dog” for this rockin’ version on an immortal classic.

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Video Games vs Board Games

Although the video game industry is a booming titan in the world of entertainment – worth literally billions of dollars – it owes much of its success to old-fashioned board gaming (even pen and paper tabletop games helped shape the adventure and RPGs of present day)! Surprisingly enough – board game sales are actually on the rise (not to mention quite steadily in recent times) – meaning people are starting to miss actual human connection again!

It may be fun for some to lose themselves in a screen-world full of graphics and pixels – but for those of us that like conversation, stimulation and plain ol’ human interaction – nothing beats a board game. People of all background can gather around a table to socialize. Children can play while learning. Adults can mingle and connect. The last time we checked, the television doesn’t offer anything but pictures in return for its company.

Another huge thing missing from the digital world is the creativity of the user. Although you may be able to play in OTHER people’s worlds – with board games, all you need is some paper, pencils and scissors to begin designing and creating yourself. People have become so complacent with simply being told what, where and when to play that they’ve lost sight of their inner child. A little glue can turn some printer paper into your OWN magical world.

It’s not to say that video gaming is “stupid” or “bad” – it’s a fascinating, amazing technology that not only entertains but employs creatives world-wide. It’s just that the smell of a board on the dining room table, the laughter of your friends and family and good old fashioned fun can NEVER be replaced.

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