Lego Star Wars: A Collector’s Item

For many years, both Lego and Star Wars have captured the imaginations of many children and adults across the globe. Having the two team up and co-create Lego Star Wars box sets have taken both fandoms into a whole new playing field. 

Lego-Star Wars

Based on the Mandalorian battle gear and equipment, this group of keen Lego soldiers have a lot of history and are not just any old troopers. The Mandalorians are known as having a bit of a shady past. Starting off as the being the Mandalorian Crusaders of the Sith Empires, they were known to sell out to the highest bidder and leave absolute destruction in their wake. It was only after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, when the daughter of Han and Leia Solo- Jaina – killed her brother Darth Caedus, that this feared nation became the revered soldiers of the Jedi Coalition and later of the Galactic Alliance. Their previously feared armor has become the beginnings of the armor which inspired that of the Republic’s Clone Troopers. 

Lego Star Wars Toys

This box set will not only bring hours of entertainment to children who can’t get enough of their Legos, this will also bring a great sense of nostalgia to those who have a deep and enduring love for the Star Wars saga. Keep an eye out for other sets in the range, as it will be the perfect gift for a collector or enthusiast. It will also and a touch of history to any toy box and hopefully the Star Wars saga will live on. 

Lego has been synonymous with good quality toys that provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. That being said, this box set is not recommended for any child under the age of six as there are small parts. This box set is also not recommended to the supporters of the Sith Empire, as these troopers may just be captured and held hostage until a Jedi knight is able to free them. The box set includes 68 pieces, ensuring that each recipient of this gift will enjoy hours of fun. You will not find attention to detail wanting in the figurines as each soldier sports a different weapon. There are four figurines: one Mandalorian assassin and three Mandalorian troopers. They come fully kitted with a Mandalorian speeder and blaster. With these two pieces of equipment and their 5 unique weapons, let’s hope their battle is for the good of the Galactic Alliance. May the force be with them.