Sony PlayStation 2 is the most successful gaming system of all time

Justice League Sony Playstation 2- TheGameWizThe Sony Corporation’s line of PlayStation consoles are the most popular and bestselling video gaming systems of all time. When the original PlayStation came out in December of 1994, it quickly became a fierce competitor to the consoles made by Sega and Nintendo. By the time March of 2000 came along, Sony released the PlayStation 2. This was the next installment in their PlayStation series, but it was more than just a typical gaming console. It also had the capability of playing DVD movies in addition to playing games. Not only that, the PlayStation 2 was the first system to introduce backwards compatibility.


This allowed PlayStation 2 users to play their PlayStation 1 games on their PlayStation 2 consoles. The very idea of doing this was something very attractive to gamers who wanted to play both sets of games on one console. Gamers could even place the PlayStation 2 console vertically upright instead of just horizontally flat. Sony later released other versions of the PlayStation 2 that were smaller, lighter and slimmer. These updated versions of PlayStation 2 helped contribute to its worldwide success.

NASCAR - Sony Playstation 2 TheGameWizTo this day, the PlayStation 2 holds the record for bestselling video gaming console of all time. In 2011, it was confirmed that over 150 million PlayStation 2 units were sold worldwide and over 1.5 billion copies of games produced for the system were sold. Because of its popularity, Sony manufactured the system from the year 2000 up until the year 2013.


This was a total of 13 years, which makes it the longest running video game console ever produced. During the same generation, the Nintendo Gamecube only lasted 6 years and sold 22 million consoles. The Microsoft Xbox had a 7 year run and sold 24 million consoles. When you crunch the numbers together, this shows that PlayStation 2 actually sold 109 million more consoles than Xbox and Gamecube’s total sales combined.






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Don’t forget that PlayStation 2’s successor, the PlayStation 3, came out at the end of 2006. It still took a whole 7 years after PlayStation 3 came out for the PlayStation 2 to finally stop being manufactured. When the two systems were competing against each other between 2007 and 2009, PlayStation 2 was still outselling the newly released PlayStation 3 by a 4 to 1 margin.


Many gamers and critics believe that PlayStation 2 was popular in the beginning because of all its advanced new features. Then by the time PlayStation 3 came out, the PlayStation 2 was already priced around $99 and was still very affordable to people. Plus, there were still new games being made for PlayStation 2 all the way up until 2013. So people who owned the old system were still getting a new selection of games to purchase at the store well after PlayStation 3 came out.