Rival Schools: PS1 Game

Rival Schools: United by Fate is a stunning, action packed competitive fighting game that was released as an arcade title in 1997 and its popularity demanded a PlayStation port. The game did eventually receive a PS port in 1998.

Rival Schools

At its core Rival Schools: United by Fate comes with a simple premise, and that is the fact that it features a polygonal fighting experience. Unlike other games in that era that focused on using 6 buttons, the game just focused in having six of them and that did offer quite a lot of convenience and great results for the user base.

Moreover, the player can select a team of characters and he can fight with another team of characters chosen by the opponents. Despite that, the fights are one on one with the 2 characters teaming up during the match only for a Team Up attack. At the end of the round you can choose to fight with the next character or you can maintain the character, it all comes down to you to make the right choice according to the play style.

The vigor meter that was integrated in the game can allow you to go up to around 9 levels but using the team up attacks alone could cost you 2 levels so there’s indeed a lot of strategy required here in order to get the best results.

Launchers allow you to perform aerial combos and each character has a different type of aerial attacks. This manages to deliver a lot of diversity and a very good gameplay experience which is both exciting and fun to say the least. But Rival Schools: United by Fate also has some interesting defensive techniques that feature counter attacks as well as attack cancellations. The latter one involves timing your own attack properly so that it will automatically cancel the one triggered by the opponent.

The single player portion of the game is designed around the idea of exploring all the happenings in an elite school. There are boss battles but you can also use the campaign as a great practice for the arcade and multiplayer experiences which are a ton of fun. At its core Rival Schools: United by Fate does require a lot of strategic thinking and it can be very fun to play.

In regards to graphics, you will see that Rival Schools: United by Fate does a very good job when it comes to offering stunning, one of a kind immersive graphics that work really well. The graphics in this game were top notch for its era and that managed to bring in front outstanding results and a very good experience as a whole.

In conclusion, Rival Schools: United by Fate is one of the highlights when it comes to fighting games for the PlayStation and the arcades. With a unique fighting style, immersive gameplay mechanics and plenty of interesting ideas, the title does manage to bring in front outstanding gaming experiences. If you like fighting experiences with great characters and fluid combat, then this is right up your alley!