The Power Rangers

Power Rangers is an American TV/film and merchandise franchise. It is essentially an entertainment franchise based on the live-action TV series, which features heroes and villains in costume.

The series was first produced by Saban Entertainment before later being produced by BVS Entertainment. The first instalment of the series made its debut on August 28, 1993 and was titled: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. This series was essential in launching Fox Kids in the 1990s. Its popularity saw it grow and eventually produce a line of action figures among other toys—by Bandai.

Since the show’s target audience was children, it received a little criticism at first for its violent nature. However, this did not deter it from becoming ever more popular among the kids. It has currently spanned over 22 seasons of 19 series of different themes.

Power Rangers differs from other super hero series as it bases a great deal of its footage from the Japanese series, Super Sentai. The basic story of each series is that a team of youthful boys and girls are recruited by a would-be mentor and then trained to eventually morph into the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers are obviously the main protagonists of these series. Once they morph, they acquire special abilities, which they utilize along with incredible machines and devices (called Zords) as they look to battle their foes. This is essentially the story of the entire franchise.

When they morph, the Power Rangers, now powerful, don their (mostly) brightly coloured super hero gear. This gear is colour-coded, and made of the tightest spandex you will ever see. It also includes helmets which have opaque visors. All gear is identical (each ranger sports his/her own colour), though there are some variations in the design of the helmets.

The Rangers’ abilities in general consist of superhuman strength, superhuman speed and in some cases, invisibility. Each one also possesses his/her own exclusive weapon while there are also other common weapons they utilise when they are in combat.

The vast majority of antagonists (for whatever reason) can grow to enormous size. This forces the Power Rangers to combine each of their individual Zords to battle the assailant with their now-single Megazord (this tends to be when they are at their most powerful and often results in victory).


The Power Rangers Legacy Megazord Action Figure

power rangers

This is an original “Mighty Morphin’” Dino Megazord. It is made up of five different Zords that combine to form the one Megazord. This action figure takes us back to the vintage years of the Power Rangers. This is the Dino Megazord that played such a big role in launching the morphenomenon (in the fall of 2013).

It has partially die-cast metallic paint. It is a combination of the Legacy Titanus and the Legacy Dragonzord. The 20th anniversary packaging includes a battle gear addition. They say it is not meant for anyone under the age of 15. It goes for $144.44.