Who Played the First Monopoly Game

There is no doubt that people in most countries in the world have heard of and played Monopoly. Of course, a considerable number of them have made their own versions of the game. Enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike, it is no doubt the most popular board game in history.

Since practically everyone knows how to play Monopoly, would it not be interesting to know about origins?

Monopoly, originally called The Landlord’s Game, was invented in 1904 by Elizabeth Magie in Brentwood, Maryland. She devised the game to educate people on the social pitfalls of unequal wealth among people. However this backfired because players turned greedier in amassing money and property, relishing their opponents’ financial troubles.

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The Landlord’s Game Monopoly was played in the eastern U.S., especially in Pennsylvania, beginning around 1910. Homemade boards were designed specifically to represent the local creator’s home city. John Heap produced a game board that described Altoona, PA in perfect detail. John’s son, Roy Heap, recalled playing the game as a child between 1910 and 1917 and referred to it as “Monopoly.”

Pennsylvanian Charles Darrow produced the first commercial version of Monopoly in 1934, based on Atlantic City, New Jersey. The game has become more popular as a result of changes in Elizabeth Magie’s original game. Today, players could raise rents by “building” houses and hotels, and “monopolizing” properties – using better strategies.

Monopoly has been loved and enjoyed by people from the first players of the game to today’s generation of enthusiasts. It is the most engaging and well known game the world.

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Monopoly: The Most Popular Game in History

I recently found myself playing a game of monopoly with my family. A game I haven’t played since I was a kid, I didn’t even remember the concept! I decided I would learn as we played. What I realized was that the more I learned, the less I wanted to play.


Monopoly is a game that really makes you think.

How much money do I have? Can I afford to buy houses or hotels? I started running out of money pretty quickly. My dad managed to buy up most of the board so every time I passed go and collected $200 I had to shell it over to him.

The more money I lost the more frustrated I became. I wondered, who ever thought that this was a fun game? So I did some research and was shocked to learn that Monopoly is actually the most popular board game in history and it made it to The National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998. I also learned that the original concept of the game was to point out unequal wealth in society.

Now it all makes sense! Monopoly does a great job of making that point. The reason I wasn’t enjoying the game was because I kept growing poor while my dad was getting rich. Since discovering the true point of the game my feelings have drastically changed.

It is a great game that can be used as a tool to teach kids and adults how to manage their money and stay afloat amongst inequality. And to make the game even more fun, you can buy a version that represents the city that you live in!

Learn to trade by playing the Littlest Pet Shop

People of the earlier generation would be familiar with ‘The Monopoly’ game. This used to be a dice game where one could learn the basics of commerce, accounting, trading, and the business aspects of life. With the advent of the computer games etc, the children of today lost touch with these dice games. However, the same game has now returned with a new set of rules. Named as “The Littlest Pet Shop,” the rules appeal to the children of this generation. Let us now see as to how this game in its new setting would be different from the original ‘Monopoly’.

Monopoly Littlest Pet Shop - The Escape Place

The best part of the new game is that it comes with the same rules. There are some minor differences. We shall see the same. The Community Chests Cards have given way to the Toys Cards. Similarly, the Treats Cards replace the Chance cards. The Title deeds represent the properties in the Littlest Pet Shop World. The original game had the traditional railway stations. This new version features four different modes of transport, namely Play Wagon, Skateboard, Wheelbarrow, and the Snowmobile. The Hamster Wheel Electric and the Duckie’s Bathtub Water are the two utilities in this version. Instead of the Luxury Tax, you have the Vet’s Bill. You would not find the houses and the hotels. Instead, you have the pet carriers and the doghouses.

The playing rules are the same. There would be a banker to handle the cash, the title deed cards, and auctions. The dice rolls in the same way. The pawns move in the same manner as well. When you reach a property, you have the option to buy it or ask the banker to auction it if nobody owns the same. Otherwise, you pay rent on the same. One you own a property, you can build your doghouses and pet carriers on it. If in case you are short of funds, you can either sell any property or enter into a mortgage deal. You cannot borrow money from any player in this game. In case you roll a double three times in a row, you have to go to ‘Jail’.

You can buy properties as you used to do the same in the original version. You can sell your property as well if you are short of funds. You can mortgage your property and take loans as well. If at any stage, you owe more money than the value of assets you have, you become bankrupt and move out of the game. The player who remains until the end wins the game. There are different versions of the games such as the ‘Speedy Monopoly’ etc.

Why I love Monopoly

Monopoly is one board game that never makes you bored. The simple reason is that it is a game that teaches you about business strategy that will help you achieve great things in the real world. It quickens your thinking and analyzing abilities and leads you to up your game with each move.

Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly Marvel Monopoly

The basic impression anyone who is new to the game or who watches the game being played gets is that it is a fantastical situation of being a real estate tycoon. One might say that it is about making money and creating a monopoly. While both of these are true, it is important to understand that there is much more to the game than making money or buying real estate. There are ways for you to develop and think out of the box, which differentiates it from other games.

  • You always have options. You can enter into partnerships, give commissions, earn commissions and work your way towards building your empire and gaining control.
  • You do not always have to play alone. You have plenty of chances to socialize with players unlike in a game like chess where you will be a lone player fighting to keep his place.
  • While there are many options to create partnerships with other players, there is always the ongoing competition among players. It is the competition itself which induces you to enter into a business deal with your biggest enemy sometimes so that the rivalry is negated and your positions are made equal in the market.
  • The importance of cash is always highlighted throughout the game. While you may want to invest in big pieces of land you will always need to have cash in your business.
  • It is more or less a real world investment situation and it hones your skills. It teaches you how to think and how to find the easiest and most efficient ways to grow and how to make clever investment decisions.
  • You will learn about your negotiation skills and how to negotiate with others from different backgrounds, possessing different real estate.

A certain part of it may actually depend on the luck of the player but once you start focusing on your investments and how to best utilize them, you would be hooked on Monopoly.

While there is an element of complexity in the game, mainly the decision-making process, there is a level of simplicity as well. Any new user can understand the game easily as long as they are of a business mind and possesses common sense.

By the end of one game a player would know what made him lose and the winner win. This realization is important and is not seen in other board games. The players will know where they went wrong and what they could have done to be more successful. This realization which makes them prepare better for future games and even life decisions is invaluable and most useful from a board game like Monopoly.

Monopoly Elvis 75th Anniversary

The King of rock n’ roll is back! Play one of the most beloved and treasured board games …Memphis-style! This exciting version of the classic realty board game is dedicated to the King himself, full of Elvis-related game properties, themed game cards – even pewter tokens; Tupelo and Graceland pieces; and Elvis money! Chock-full of references, pictures and featuring 22 of Elvis’ most cherished albums, the Elvis Monopoly set also coincides as a Special 75th Anniversary Edition. Every music lover will find something to appreciate – even those who aren’t fans to begin with! Not only is it fun, it’s officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises – making it an absolute must-have for ALL Elvis fans!

monopoly elvis

Head on down to Heartbreak Hotel – take a vacation in Blue Hawaii – toughen up at G.I. Blues – or even revisit the one and only’s iconic performances at Madison Square Garden or the famous ’68 Comeback Special. Buy, sell and trade his most memorable albums and concerts and recall Elvis’ film career with tunes from King Creole and Jailhouse Rock. Visit Memphis, Vegas and everything in between in an attempt to own it all! The game’s Chance and Community Chest cards are “All Shook Up” too – specially themed messages and designs are literally everywhere! Navigate the board with uniquely made custom pewter tokens including Elvis’s signature sunglasses, guitar, leather jacket, Cadillac, teddy bear and record player! Get nostalgic with the themed property pieces (houses and hotels) and pay with Elvis bucks!

Of all the themed Monopoly’s that have been released, this is certainly among the best. This makes a worthy addition to any game collection (or Elvis memorabilia collection) for both fans of the game and fans of the King. Grab a “Hard Headed Woman” and your “Hound Dog” for this rockin’ version on an immortal classic.

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Board Game: Monopoly

Board games have been popular in nearly every known civilization. Many civilizations were playing board games before they developed any form of written language.



Board games come in two basic types. The first uses strategy to win the game. The object is to block or capture opposing game pieces or to capture larger portions of the game board. Monopoly and checkers are both examples of the strategy game. Strategy alone does not insure victory.

Chance plays a significant role in most board games, but not all. Some of the most respectable board games, chess for example, focus on skill with very little luck involved.

Purists feel that luck is an undesirable element. They feel the games should be based entirely on strategy and skill. Others feel the element of chance gives these games more complexity with many more possible strategies. These people feel the element of luck makes these games more exciting. On the other hand, games that are completely games of chance, where no or few decisions are made, quickly become boring to most adults. Many children’s board games are games of luck with few decisions to be made.

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What You Didn’t Know About the History of Monopoly

monopoly monopoly-game

(Photo credits: http://goo.gl/7fxpvH and http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Landlord’s_Game)


What connection could there be between a social reformist and an immensely popular American classic board game? You may be familiar with the Monopoly board game. However, most people are not quite knowledgeable about the Quaker woman by the name of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie-Phillips – the person behind the classic pastime activity. But before people started calling it Monopoly, she first called her creation as The Landlord’s Game.


The Philosophy of Henry George


Way back in the 1800’s, Lizzie Magie became inspired by the teachings of Henry George – an advocate of the “single tax” principle on land. Henry George argued that the government should levy only one tax on land that is still in its natural state. Charles L. Hooper, an engineering-economist from Stanford University, explains Henry George’s belief on land taxation like this: (Reference)

George was not simply trying to design a system of taxation devoid of untoward consequences; he felt that virtually all economic problems arise from “the fact that the land on which and from which all must live is made exclusive property of some.” His goal was nothing less than to make all land common property, but he realized that, “[i]t is not necessary to confiscate land; it is only necessary to confiscate rent.”

What has this have to do with Monopoly, you might be wondering? It will become apparent in Lizzie Magie’s reason for creating the board game in the first place. Her main reason is to spread those aforementioned beliefs of the political economist. In Edward J. Dodson’s article How Henry George’s Principles Were Corrupted into the Game Called Monoply, an excerpt from Lizzie’s essay was cited, to show how steadfast she was in her ideals in relation to Monopoly: (Reference)

“What is the value of our philosophy if we do not do our utmost to apply it? To simply know a thing is not enough. To merely speak or write of it occasionally among ourselves is not enough. We must do something about it on a large scale if we are to make headway. These are critical times, and drastic action is needed. To make any worthwhile impression on the multitude, we must go in droves into the sacred precincts of the men we are after. We must not only tell them, but show them just how and why and where our claims can be proven in some actual situation…”

With a simple game, Magie-Phillips hoped to make the system of land-grabbing and all its after-effects realized by the populace.


The Commercial Version of Monopoly

The Parker Brothers, however, bought out her patents with only $500; giving her no royalties, while agreeing to change nothing about her game. However, they did the opposite of what was agreed in the end. Before they even made a deal with Magie-Philips, Fred and George Parker bought a game from a certain Charles Darrow – former heater salesman who was currently unemployed at that time. He claimed to have “invented” and played a game called MONOPOLY – a board game that was based on The Landlord’s Game.

So prior to buying out Magie-Phillips, the Parker Brothers purchased Monopoly from Charles Darrow, making him rich when it sold over 200,000 copies in its first year on the market. The only downside is that Magie-Phillips’ vision of sharing her hopes for the nation slowly faltered into the abyss.


Final Notes

Despite a controversial origin for Monopoly, it is interesting to learn that it was inspired from something bigger and significant than its sales. It may seem hard to believe that a game for sheer amusement was created out of such ideals. Nonetheless, playing Monopoly is something that people have enjoyed playing throughout the years.

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