5 Must-See Kite Flying Festivals around the Globe

If you’re a fan of kites and you love to fly them in an open field, you might have attended at least one kite festival in your life. However, there are tons of festivals in the world that feature the most unique, beautiful and memorable flying objects that would ever grace our skies.

At these events, not only do people parade around big, beautiful, and sometimes, quirky kites, they also participate in Stunt Shows, Kite Challenges (which answer the question “Whose kite will fly the steadiest?”), and even Kite Fights!

Below is a list of 5 stunning festivals that no kite fan should ever miss:


Cervia International Kite Festival


Cervia’s kite festival holds stunt shows, free flights, and kite fights. However, the most-awaited event is the Artisti in primo piano (Artists in the foreground) event, where they fly kites designed and created by artists. See only the most creative kites ever flown by man at the Cervia International Kite Festival in Cervia, Italy.


Fano, Denmark


Fano’s kite flying festival is just what the name states: Kite Flying. The festival is a meeting of enthusiasts all over the world who just love to chill under the sun and fly their colorful kites in the air. They now have over 5,000 active participants. From professionals to beginners, young and old, kites of all shapes and sizes will flit and float above the beach of Fano, Denmark in the middle of June. It’s truly a sight to behold!


Long Beach, Washington


The kite festival in Long Beach, Washington happens every August. The venue is considered as America’s center for kite flying. With a refreshing breeze constantly flowing on the shores of Long Beach, you’ll definitely enjoy flying your colorful kites here. The World Kite Museum is also located in this place. This museum aims to preserve the 2,500 year-old history of this toy. It has a collection of more than 1,500 kites ranging from the tiniest kite to a 200-foot long dragon kite.


Malaysia’s World Kite Festival (Festival Layang-Layang Sedunia)


At the Festival Layang-Layang Seduina in Pasir Gudany, Malaysia, you can get a chance to see the kite-making and kite-flying prowess of talented locals. In addition to traditionally designed kites, they also feature kites from all over the world. They have great food, wonderful ambience, and the Pasir Gudang Kite Museum, which you can visit while waiting for the kites to fly.


Hamamatsu Festival


The Hamamatsu kite flying festival happens near the Nakatajima Sand Dunes. Aside from the basic flying activities, they also host Kite Fights, making the festival feel like an aerial war with all the sand being blown all over the place. The participants try to drag their opponents’ kites to the ground via friction. They use the really large kites, and the strings tend to burn, creating a scorching smell that will waft throughout the whole venue. The Hamamatsu Festival is an intense event that will leave you excited and entertained for throughout the day.

Have you joined any of these festivals before? Share your most memorable experiences in the comments!


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