Summer Outdoor Games Kids Used to Play

In a world where kids spend more time indoors playing video games and watching television than ever before, it is hard to believe that kids used to play games outdoors. While there are some kids who are still active outdoors, the majority of them are not. So by looking at what games kids used to play outdoors during the summer, perhaps we can all encourage kids of the modern generation to try out these games for themselves. That way they can get in better physical shape and find enjoyment from doing something that will benefit their lives.

If you were born in the 1980s or before then, you are probably familiar with hide and seek or tag. These are games that groups of kids can play together without any teams. One kid in the group is chosen to chase after the others. When the chosen kid approaches another kid, they touch them with their hand. This means they’re out of the game. The difference between tag and hide and seek has to do with hiding. Tag doesn’t require the players to hide before they get chased whereas hide and seek gives players a 30-second head start to run away and hide before they are chased after. Of course, there are so many different ways to play these games and kids often invent their own rules for them as they go.

Hide and seek

Capture the flag is another favorite amongst kids. This game involves two teams where each team has a home base with a flag in it. This flag could be in the form of a stick, ball, or any object that can easily be carried away. The objective of the game is for one team to capture the flag from the other team’s base and then bring it back to their own base. However, the players can be stopped if they get tagged by someone from the opposite team. Once you get tagged, you have to go to a designated jail until someone from your own team bails you out by tagging your hand.

One classic summer outdoor game that is still played by most kids is hopscotch. This is where you take a piece of chalk and draw a series of numbered squares on the sidewalk or some other paved area. There are generally nine squares in total that are drawn. Some of them are single squares while others have two squares side by side. The objective is for the person to hop on each square all the way until the end. If there are two squares side by side then you spread your legs so that each foot touches the squares at the same time. It is a rather simple game but it is still fun and can be played virtually anywhere.