The Importance of Playing Games with your Child

Many parents believe that they don’t have enough time to play with their children, or that there isn’t a need for them to do so. Games are a major part of every child’s development, and a parental influence in this is very important.
Below are 5 reasons that make playing games with your child beneficial, for both parties involved.
1. Strengthens the bond between parent and child.
When a baby is born, they are not aware that they are separate from their parents, as we take care of their every need. This forms a very important nurturing bond. As a child grows older they become more independent and develop their own ideas and personalities. As a result, maintaining this relationship becomes more challenging.
When the parent plays games with the child it helps to build a stronger bond, by creating an environment for the parent to interact with the child in a way that they both enjoy. This brings them closer and helps develop a lasting relationship.
2. The parent is able to teach the child through games.
Playing games is the way that children learn about the world they are in. They are introduced to different aspects of themselves, their environment and other people. It is also more likely that they will remember what they learn while doing activities they love.
This makes play-time an ideal opportunity to teach a child moral values and social skills. Games based on reasoning encourage the child to develop problem-solving abilities and patience. These are all skills that will last a lifetime.
3. Enables the child to feel more secure.
It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children have a strong sense of security and safety. Playing games with them shows them they are loved and supported. This interaction also fulfils the child’s natural desire for their parents’ attention.
4. Parents become more aware of their child’s individuality.
Our children live in a world that we have created for them, and even though parental guidance is necessary, it is good to be able to see things from their point of view.
Whenever we play with our children, we can enter their world. Playing open minded games in which they set the rules, allows us to experience more of who they really are. In addition, our interest builds their confidence and teaches them to themselves more.
5. Helps increase communication.
It can be difficult for a child to express themselves verbally. Games that encourage self-expression will help them to get their point across. It is also a good way to for a child to show how they feel, when they are unable to explain it.


Here are few great board games that you can play with your children:

Mouse Trap Board Game


Solar Quest Space Board Game

Playing games with a child is more important than ever in modern society. Keep them short and sweet, and let your child know how much you love playing with them. One important thing to remember is that it is not the amount of time spent on the games, but the quality of the time and what both the parent and child will take away from the interaction.

LEGO fun!

As a child, I was always considered a bit of a ‘tomboy.’ My closest friends were boys, I refused to wear dresses, I liked to go outside and play in the dirt, and my favorite toys from a very young age were LEGOs. Unfortunately, at the time, LEGOs were branded as a toy for boys. This didn’t stop me from wanting the latest and greatest sets all the time, and holidays and birthdays were filled with the magic that came with each new set I would get to put together.


From pirates to cowboys, deep sea divers to space men, and from knights and nobles to space invaders, I was hooked on every theme I could get my hands on.

It always started out the same: I would get a new set of LEGOs with a specific theme – for example, a pirate set that included several small LEGO figurines along with the building blocks. I would carefully read through the instructions the first time I built everything, and craft the blocks together in a way that mimicked the look on the front of the box perfectly. After it was built, however, was when the real fun always began. The best part about LEGOs, for me, was always the imaginative aspect that came along with it. Granted, I know many people love LEGOs strictly to be able to build and create. I, however, loved playing with them after everything was built.

I was an imaginative child to begin with, always making my stuffed animals and figurines ‘talk,’ and put them in different pretend scenarios. LEGOs were no different, with the exception that the scenarios tended to be a part of whatever the set included. For a pirate set, I would grab the ‘Captain’ figurine and perhaps a ‘First Mate’ figurine, and set them off on an adventure, where they would have to fight off soldiers from the nearby kingdom, and steal gold from the rich, etc.

It’s wonderful to see that the overall branding of LEGOs has taken a turn in today’s world, and can be welcoming for both boys and girls to enjoy. I like to think that building aside, there are still kids today, in the midst of iPads and computer screens and smartphones, who still understand and appreciate the simple pleasures that come with creating something of your own, and using your imagination to truly bring it to life.

Shadow Tower

Many of the today’s beautifully crafted games and titles that blew audiences away have a distant relative in the PS1 franchise and have been collecting inspirations from that time. Bloodborne and Dark Souls franchises, which ended up as being one of the best video games in the horror/mistery/ adventure genre have a predecesor in one of the most underated PS1 game of all time – Shadow Tower. Released back in 1998, Shadow Tower was an impressive game from Dark Souls developers FromSoftware and definitely the one that you will like to see re-released for the next gen gaming consoles.

shadow tower


You encounter the game as the mercenary by the name of Russ Hardy, who comes back home to the city of Zeptar only to find out that darkness and underworld prevail in his home town. A single-eyed crown used to keep peace in this land and the darkness has overtaken its powers. Determined to free his home ground from evil, Russ enters the center figure of the city – the tower, where the crown is sealed – to fight of demons and restore peace. The player must go through seven levels in the labyrinth-like tower and defeat enemies to succeed at his mission. Shadow Tower is a direct improvement to a very much debated King’s Field, which barely got any reviews in Europe. The game follows the same concept as you roam dungeons and fight monsters on different levels.

While most games like these (survivor/horror games) gave the player a chance to improve on experience points, in Shadow Tower you must collect Soul Points, which allow you to improve your player mental and physical strenght. The natural progression is a key here, as there is practically no logical chronolical chain of monsters you fight. As you gather soul points, your character will improve, thus enabling you to defeat some opponents easier than before. Monsters are scary, creative and certainly difficult to defeat if you don’t apply some tactic to it.

If you are a fan of Diablo franchise, the “weapons-repair“ concept will be old news to you. Using hit points you can repeair some weapons and improve their durability and it is quite a challenge, since most weapons tend to break  pretty quick. Gathering money through killing monsters is hard enough, so your hit points is basically the main resource for recycling old weapons for further use.

The graphics of Shadow Tower was very powerful at the game, with about 20 fps frame rate. The environment is dark and highly depressing with even no soundtrack whatsoever. Footsteps, roars, screams is basically the only thing you get while engaging in this game, making it even more scarier for play.

Shadow Tower is mix of King’s Field franchise and RPG superstar Diablo – a game that has proven to be one of the darker games on the PS1 platform. The surviving concept, filled with great graphics and somehow, cheesy plot sumarizes this game which was released at the brink of the century. It is interesting to check the game out, especially if we look at their relationship with the current bestsellers from FromSoftware.

Sonic Heroes

The story of modern gaming includes two almost historical figures – Super Mario and Sonic. Both trademarked by Nintendo, they are easily considered the most popular characters in gaming history and have delivered staggering results in the gaming community. With the release of PS1 and PS2 the rules changed and the figures had to adapt to the newly-founded consoles, so Sonic went 3D. This was not appreciated by the Sonic community and therefore the Sonic Heroes is by some reviews considered one of the less-likeable Sonic games to date but a clear improvement over the Sonic PS1 and PS2 games released earlier.

sonic heroes

Sonic Heroes definitely improved in level design and playability and certainly satisfies even the most devoted DreamCast fans out there. What also brings on the great diversity of the game is the option to switch between three characters at your disposal during the game (more on this later). This makes the single run definitely more entertaining and unpredictable.

Sonic Heroes does not involve a single storyline, but rather focuses on four different stories, depending on which team you select. The storyline is manifested only through cut scenes and not applicable to the gaming itself. The teams you select vary from Team Rose to Team Dark and each of them features a significant character from the Sonic universe. Team Rose is essentially easier and more forgiving on some levels, while team Dark requires some advanced skills and knowledge to pass.

In Sonic Heroes, each team consists of three different characters, each of them representing one individual strength – speed, power and flight. While most levels can be completed by each of the characters, some of them require a certain character for a certain location, where his ability is especially needed. It is sometimes hard to maneuver between characters, but a couple of tries of practice will probably do it for you.

The game’s huge flaw is the difficulty of 3D gaming for the Sonic Hedgehog run. It is sometimes too hard to see what is up ahead and therefore you must be very careful. This is remotely better in the older versions of the game, where the 2D presentations ensure that you get clear view of the troubles ahead of you. These camera issues can get pretty annoying and severely damage the overall feel for the game.

The campaign is not really a challenge for gamers and it can be completed in couple of hours. It is possible to complete it over and over again with different teams and that gives it the lasting appeal it desperately needs.

Sonic Heroes is a solid and fun game for fans of the franchise but also for those that are yet to discover the magic of this figure.

The “Operation” Game

As the dark clouds moved across the sky, and the warmth of the sun hit my cheeks. I remember being promised, it was going to be a perfect day. I was lucky the clouds decided it wasn’t time for rain just yet. It was my sisters and I, coming back up the coast from having a picnic at our favorite spot by the trees that shared their shade along the jagged rocks that went on for miles. For my parents, I knew they couldn’t wait to get back fast enough, rain or shine to get a break from us always at each other’s throats. Who could blame them? That day was promised to be a perfect day, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Until we got home.

The heavy dark clouds that were moving swiftly across the sky, decided now was the time for heavy rain. First, it was the rain storm, and then the thunder. Then, the lights. Within 15 minutes of leaving the beach, there was the storm. As my mom was holding me and my two older sisters in the darkness on the living room floor. I remember her saying “I hope we have batteries for those flashlights.” And chuckled softly. We could hear my dad scrambling around to find the flashlights in the utility drawer.

Finally, there was light.

We were not prepared for this to happen, and managed to eat some sandwiches my mom made, as we waited out the storm. My mom had this brilliant idea as we waited patiently in the darkness with a hint of dim lights.

And that was the first time I played Operation. I guess this was supposed to wait for Christmas, but I guess my mom was getting as bored as we were. As my mom was trying to read the instructions, I remember me and my sisters taking turns to jab the unlucky guy on the operating table over and over again, just to see his nose glow read and hear the abrupt sound when you touch the metal along his body. We never really played the game according to the rules. That game was the funniest game to play just to hear that “zapping” sound, and see his nose turn red.

That is one of my most memorable and favorite memories with playing a board game.

Monopoly Elvis 75th Anniversary

The King of rock n’ roll is back! Play one of the most beloved and treasured board games …Memphis-style! This exciting version of the classic realty board game is dedicated to the King himself, full of Elvis-related game properties, themed game cards – even pewter tokens; Tupelo and Graceland pieces; and Elvis money! Chock-full of references, pictures and featuring 22 of Elvis’ most cherished albums, the Elvis Monopoly set also coincides as a Special 75th Anniversary Edition. Every music lover will find something to appreciate – even those who aren’t fans to begin with! Not only is it fun, it’s officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises – making it an absolute must-have for ALL Elvis fans!

monopoly elvis

Head on down to Heartbreak Hotel – take a vacation in Blue Hawaii – toughen up at G.I. Blues – or even revisit the one and only’s iconic performances at Madison Square Garden or the famous ’68 Comeback Special. Buy, sell and trade his most memorable albums and concerts and recall Elvis’ film career with tunes from King Creole and Jailhouse Rock. Visit Memphis, Vegas and everything in between in an attempt to own it all! The game’s Chance and Community Chest cards are “All Shook Up” too – specially themed messages and designs are literally everywhere! Navigate the board with uniquely made custom pewter tokens including Elvis’s signature sunglasses, guitar, leather jacket, Cadillac, teddy bear and record player! Get nostalgic with the themed property pieces (houses and hotels) and pay with Elvis bucks!

Of all the themed Monopoly’s that have been released, this is certainly among the best. This makes a worthy addition to any game collection (or Elvis memorabilia collection) for both fans of the game and fans of the King. Grab a “Hard Headed Woman” and your “Hound Dog” for this rockin’ version on an immortal classic.

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The Wizard of Oz

A lot of people. both kids and adult love the movie “Wizard of Oz”. What is this movie really about? Check out below what is this movie.

You can enjoy the wizard of Oz also with a board game. You can check out our Amazon Store or click on the picture below.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a children’s novel written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow. Originally published by the George M. Hill Company in Chicago on May 17, 1900, it has since been reprinted numerous times, most often under the name The Wizard of Oz, which is the name of both the popular 1902 Broadway musical and the well-known 1939 film adaptation.

The story chronicles the adventures of a young girl named Dorothy Gale in the Land of Oz, after being swept away from her Kansas farm home in a cyclone.[nb 1] The novel is one of the best-known stories in American popular culture and has been widely translated. Its initial success, and the success of the 1902 Broadway musical which Baum adapted from his original story, led to Baum’s writing thirteen additional Oz books. The original book has been in the public domain in the US since 1956.

Baum dedicated the book “to my good friend & comrade, My Wife”, Maud Gage Baum. In January 1901, George M. Hill Company completed printing the first edition, which totaled 10,000 copies.


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Wizard Of Oz