Disney’s Magic Kingdom Attractions

Make your fairytale dreams come true by taking a trip to Disney World. Disney World is made up of 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a family-favorite and features exciting attractions like musical parades, a host of Disney characters, enchanting fireworks and some of the most well-known rides in the world. Whether you’ve always dreamt of being a princess, meeting Mickey, or traveling on an epic journey through Space Mountain, a Disney vacation is the perfect destination for kids and adults of all ages. When you visit Disney World, make sure you stop in at the Magic Kingdom to visit these top attractions.

Space Mountain

space mountain - disney magic kingdom

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster located in the Magic Kingdom. The coaster has a space theme and is found in the Tomorrowland area of the theme park. The roller coaster operates in the dark, with only colored neon lights giving the space an eerie, outer-space like feel. There are projections of stars, nebulae, comets, plants and even a space station to give the ride a unique feel. There are 2 tracks within the dome that houses the coaster and riders are either assigned to the alpha track or the beta track. The tracks cross one another during the ride, adding a thrilling element.

Space Mountain first opened on January 15, 1975 and is the oldest roller coaster still operating in the state of Florida. Since opening, Space Mountain has undergone several changes, including the addition of new trains in 1989 and 2009. There have been several upgrades to improve the ride and performance. Cosmetic renovations are done continuously to keep the ride looking and operating at its best.


Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle- Disney Magic Kingdom

When entering the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella’s Castle is hard to miss. Rising high into the sky at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., Cinderella’s Castle is perfectly poised to greet visitors and inject them into the fantasy land that is Disney World. The castle includes soaring spires, turrets and more. It is surrounded by a moat, lush landscaping and plenty of outcroppings for photo opportunities. At night, the castle serves as the backdrop for a spectacular fireworks display.

Visitors to the castle can enjoy dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table where they can feast with their favorite Disney Princesses for 3 meals a day. Reservations are highly encouraged. After eating, a trip to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will have any prince or princess ready to tour the rest of the park in true royal fashion.


Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain - Disney Magic Kingdom

Florida can be hot and humid in the summer months, and it’s important to stay cool. The easiest way to beat the heat is with a trip down Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is a large, outdoor roller coaster that ends with a dramatic plunge into a pool of water. Riders hop on board a hollow log and sail past singing critters before a thrilling 5-story splashdown.

The attraction uses 950,000 gallons of water and includes 3 dips in the track before the 5-story waterfall drop. Riders in the front of the log should expect to get soaked, while rider sin the back will experience just a sudden splash or spray. Fast pass is offered and riders must be 40 inches or taller to board. The ride is located in the Frontierland section of the park.

These 3 attractions are just a few of the exciting rides and sights you’ll find at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. If you’re planning a Disney vacation, make sure you see these 3 features, but give yourself plenty of time to explore and experience the whole park. A Disney vacation is a trip your family won’t soon forget, so plan carefully and make the most out of your adventure.


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