Five Winning Strategies to Master Connect 4

Connect 4 is a simple but extremely exciting strategy game that has been played by hobbyists for quite some time now. This two-player game comes with a board with seven columns and 6 rows. To play it, there are 42 discs in two different colors. The board is where the players will drop the colored discs one at a time.

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The first player to connect four pieces of the same color wins; either it is lined up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If the board is filled up of all 42 discs and neither player connects four, the game ends in draw. It can be played by children and adults, as long as they understand the rules. Connect 4 can be bought as a physical board game, but it also has an app version that caters to modern mobile players.

In the past, people didn’t really have a particular set of strategies on how to play it. But as the game became more popular, they started studying the different techniques on how to win. One of which is the master thesis of Victor Allis which stated that the first player can always win through the center column. In this post, you’ll learn the best strategies that you can use in order to become a Connect 4 champion!

  1. The center column is your way to victory

Drop your discs mostly to the middle spot; it’s an advantage since all winning combinations need a disc in the middle row. With this technique, your opponent will most likely experience some difficulties in connecting four checkers. Victor Allis even agreed and proved this winning tactic.



  1. Look out for possible moves ahead

Your opponent’s goal is to defeat you, and you don’t want that to happen. If your opponent can build a three-in-a-row, block it or you’ll lose. Always think ahead and observe your opponent’s moves.


  1. Balance offense and defense

Don’t just focus on offense; know when you need play some defense. Block your opponent’s line up mainly when your opponent is trying to build three-in-a-row diagonal linked with three-in-a-row horizontal. It’s a deadly move, and if your attention is only on offense, you’ll lose to this winning combination.


  1. Say no to game-ending spaces

Watch out for the game-ending spaces. This usually happens when a certain area of the board becomes a spot for a connect-four opportunity. Once your opponent fills that portion, the game will be over. Never play below those critical spaces but force your opponent to block drop his/her disc in the space. Try to connect-four that will force your opponent to drop his disc in the dangerous spot.


  1. Disrupt your opponent

Building a three-in-a-row will force your opponent to block your move first, instead of building his/her own lineup. You will definitely succeed in interrupting his/her tactics. By doing this, he/she will also waste moves in trying to block you.

Today, there are many new and exciting versions of Connect 4.  Some examples include a fantastic 3D version, an online edition so you can play with your friends anytime and anywhere, and even a gigantic version that’s larger than life! We also have a game Connect Four Classic Grid Game, sold at amazon.


Got any effective strategies you want to share? Post it in the comments section below!