The Confession of a Hardcore Gamer

“How long has it been since you saw the daylight?! Go out and play with your friends for the love of God!”


Do you remember what it was like to play outside for hours tirelessly? I don’t. Yes, guilty as charged. I am a crazy gamer. There was a time when mothers begged their children to let go of their friends after hours and hours of play outside and come back to the house since they hadn’t been back for lunch…or dinner! Gone are those days. These days, video games have taken over the youth. Don’t worry, I am not here to lecture you about how they ruin your eyes and make you snobby and hinder productivity – I myself am an addict!

I got my first PSP when I was 10 and by God I have never had a better Christmas present (Grandma knew how to spoil me, and my dad has not forgiven her till date). Playing video games has been a passion of mine and I don’t see it swaying any time soon. It’s not my fault, newer, better games keep coming in! I think it’s safe to say that I am a hardcore gamer, I spend tremendous amounts of time on this hobby of mine. There is just something about sitting behind the screen and experiencing the utter joy of killing the enemy with either your bare hands, a dagger, or better yet, a tanker! DOTA, COD, FIFA. Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto, Halo – I am a sucker for all genres of video games. My favorite, though, are war and fighting games. The realistic graphics are what intrigue me the most. The fact that regardless of where you stand in your professional life, these games allow you to experience first-hand war zone activity in the best form.

I think of video games as an expression of art. Indeed, video games are visuals, music and poetry all packed up into a single, exciting package. A video game isn’t just a game, there is a lot that goes on behind the screen. It is a measured passage through an ever overwhelming aesthetic experience that takes the player to a whole different world. An aesthetic experience that provokes an emotional response in its audience, be it wonder, anger, love, frustration or joy.

Isn’t it true that the real essence of art lies in taking its audience to a new world where everything is different from where they are physically present? Don’t video games do just that? It is really not child’s play.