Sonic Heroes

The story of modern gaming includes two almost historical figures – Super Mario and Sonic. Both trademarked by Nintendo, they are easily considered the most popular characters in gaming history and have delivered staggering results in the gaming community. With the release of PS1 and PS2 the rules changed and the figures had to adapt to the newly-founded consoles, so Sonic went 3D. This was not appreciated by the Sonic community and therefore the Sonic Heroes is by some reviews considered one of the less-likeable Sonic games to date but a clear improvement over the Sonic PS1 and PS2 games released earlier.

sonic heroes

Sonic Heroes definitely improved in level design and playability and certainly satisfies even the most devoted DreamCast fans out there. What also brings on the great diversity of the game is the option to switch between three characters at your disposal during the game (more on this later). This makes the single run definitely more entertaining and unpredictable.

Sonic Heroes does not involve a single storyline, but rather focuses on four different stories, depending on which team you select. The storyline is manifested only through cut scenes and not applicable to the gaming itself. The teams you select vary from Team Rose to Team Dark and each of them features a significant character from the Sonic universe. Team Rose is essentially easier and more forgiving on some levels, while team Dark requires some advanced skills and knowledge to pass.

In Sonic Heroes, each team consists of three different characters, each of them representing one individual strength – speed, power and flight. While most levels can be completed by each of the characters, some of them require a certain character for a certain location, where his ability is especially needed. It is sometimes hard to maneuver between characters, but a couple of tries of practice will probably do it for you.

The game’s huge flaw is the difficulty of 3D gaming for the Sonic Hedgehog run. It is sometimes too hard to see what is up ahead and therefore you must be very careful. This is remotely better in the older versions of the game, where the 2D presentations ensure that you get clear view of the troubles ahead of you. These camera issues can get pretty annoying and severely damage the overall feel for the game.

The campaign is not really a challenge for gamers and it can be completed in couple of hours. It is possible to complete it over and over again with different teams and that gives it the lasting appeal it desperately needs.

Sonic Heroes is a solid and fun game for fans of the franchise but also for those that are yet to discover the magic of this figure.

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