The “Operation” Game

As the dark clouds moved across the sky, and the warmth of the sun hit my cheeks. I remember being promised, it was going to be a perfect day. I was lucky the clouds decided it wasn’t time for rain just yet. It was my sisters and I, coming back up the coast from having a picnic at our favorite spot by the trees that shared their shade along the jagged rocks that went on for miles. For my parents, I knew they couldn’t wait to get back fast enough, rain or shine to get a break from us always at each other’s throats. Who could blame them? That day was promised to be a perfect day, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Until we got home.

The heavy dark clouds that were moving swiftly across the sky, decided now was the time for heavy rain. First, it was the rain storm, and then the thunder. Then, the lights. Within 15 minutes of leaving the beach, there was the storm. As my mom was holding me and my two older sisters in the darkness on the living room floor. I remember her saying “I hope we have batteries for those flashlights.” And chuckled softly. We could hear my dad scrambling around to find the flashlights in the utility drawer.

Finally, there was light.

We were not prepared for this to happen, and managed to eat some sandwiches my mom made, as we waited out the storm. My mom had this brilliant idea as we waited patiently in the darkness with a hint of dim lights.

And that was the first time I played Operation. I guess this was supposed to wait for Christmas, but I guess my mom was getting as bored as we were. As my mom was trying to read the instructions, I remember me and my sisters taking turns to jab the unlucky guy on the operating table over and over again, just to see his nose glow read and hear the abrupt sound when you touch the metal along his body. We never really played the game according to the rules. That game was the funniest game to play just to hear that “zapping” sound, and see his nose turn red.

That is one of my most memorable and favorite memories with playing a board game.

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