Puzz 3D Puzzles: Not Your Ordinary Jigsaw Puzzle

Most of us, if not all, grew up building jigsaw puzzles. For those of us who did, I’m sure you remember receiving them as gifts from your parents on birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions. Do you remember waking up and seeing that big rectangular box underneath the Christmas tree? I’m sure you’re just as excited to see what’s inside the box so you shake it and hear tiny pieces rattling against each other. As you open the box, you find small, oddly-shaped interlocking pieces that represent parts of a complete picture. What if, upon inspecting the contents, you notice that this is not your usual jigsaw puzzle that lays flat? What if it’s a 3-dimensional puzzle that simulates something real? Ever heard of the Puzz 3D Puzzles?



Puzzle 3D Camelot Castle


Put Some Twist in your Puzzles

Three-dimensional puzzles are not your ordinary traditional flat puzzle structure. It’s almost the same as watching a movie in 3D, and seeing the characters and effects come to life, feeling as though you’re part of the movie. With 3D Puzzles, you get more depth and shape compared to the conventional puzzle. Imagine having the famous Eiffel Tower on the table right next to your bed, and waking up in the morning being greeted by this Parisian scenery. True that it’s not the actual Eiffel Tower; but imagine the joy and satisfaction you’ll get from building this standing structure from scratch.


The Rise and Fall of the 3D Puzzles

From the New York City puzzle to the Golden Hall Edoras from the Lord of the Rings; Puzz 3D Puzzles offer a wide range of structures and pieces you can build from scratch. It’s amazing to think how creative 3D puzzles work. The process of creating traditional and 3D puzzles is pretty much the same, but brought upon the birth of these ingenious puzzles?



Chateau De Chenonceau 3d Puzzle


Like most games in this world, the development of new games coupled with innovations in technology caused puzzles to lose their limelight which was most significant during the period of Great Depression. In 1991 in Quebec, puzzles became popular again and Paul Gallant, a French Canadian who specializes in marketing, took this opportunity to create something even better and more challenging than the traditional jigsaw puzzles. Thus, he developed Puzz-3D under the Wrebbit Company. Because of the overwhelming response from consumers, the company experienced rapid growth during the 1990’s. In 2005, the famous gaming brand named Hasbro bought Wrebbit. However, in 2006, Puzz 3D Puzzles had been discontinued with the “Towers Made to Scale” as the last series. In 2014, Hasbro resumed production of 3D Puzzles.


Benefits of Building Puzzles

Building a puzzle is a productive way of spending your recreational time. Why do I say so? Building puzzles is an excellent activity for keeping the brain sharp. According to an article on Saving Advice, jigsaw puzzles challenge your dexterity, logic, spatial reasoning, and keep both sides of the brain working simultaneously. It improves your concentration and helps you pay more attention to details while searching for the right piece to go into the puzzle. Aside from these benefits, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to bond with your family or friends. Display your finished 3D puzzle in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else in the house and you have an instant art piece without breaking the bank. It’s not limited to a certain age group – kids, as well as adults can play and enjoy the game.


What is the first structure you want to create out of a 3D puzzle? Or have you built one before? Sound off in the comments!


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