Hula Hoop Your Calories Away!

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You can burn at least a hundred calories just by hula hooping for 10 minutes a day! Add lunges and squats to your daily hoop exercise and you just might lose more than that in a very short time!

Celebrities like Beyoncé and Michelle Obama hula hoop to stay fit. And if the Queen B can do it, then so can you!

These simple and easy add-ons to your hooping exercises can not only help you get that flat stomach, but also guarantee hours of fun and entertainment (you won’t even notice how much weight you’ve lost after you exercise!)

  1. The Classic and SimpleSide to Side Hooping

This is the simplest form of hooping so it’s perfect for beginners. You can lose around 100 calories just by doing 10 minutes of this maneuver.

It won’t justtone your waist and abs. Side to side hooping can also improve balanceand coordination as well as tone your thigh muscles. Do the rotations in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction so you can exercise both sides of your body.


  1. Waist Hooping: Classic Hooping with a Little Extra

After mastering side to side hooping, try doing it front to back. You can do this by stepping one foot slightly forward to guide the hoop through the rotation, then rocking your body back and forth.

Another routine that you can add to classic hooping is squats. Do this by keeping your feet slightly wider than the usual shoulder width apart, then squat slowly while keeping the hoop rotating around your waist. This may be a slightly harder routine, but with more focus, can provide extra fun to your daily exercise.


  1. Arm Hooping: Tone those Arm Muscles!

This is an easy routine to do. Just put your arm through the hoop and spin away! But still remember to exercise both arms (if you only have one hula hoop). Rotate the hoops in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction to make your workout more challenging.

For an arm hooping routine that involves the whole body, add lunges. Extend yourarm up, pointing to the sky and do lunges while hooping. This routine will tone your arms, shoulders, legs, thighs, buttocks, and is a great exercise for your body in general.


  1. Hooping Without Looping: Hula Hoop Routines Without Any Rotations

You can also do exercises that do away with hula hoop rotations. One way to do this is via side stretches. Do this by touching the hoop against the back of your waist. Hold it up so that the top of the hoop is above your head, then with your feet shoulder-width apart, start stretching side to side.

Another simple routine you can do is passing. Pass the hoop from one hand to the other and try to stretch far back as possible when receiving the hoop. You can also do this while in a semi- squat position for extra pressure on your abdominal and leg muscles.

So you’ve learned about highly entertaining and simple ways to burn calories with theHula Hoop! The only downside to this is that you may need open space while hula hooping. You wouldn’t want to knock down picture frames in your living room while exercising, right?

Hula hooping tip: Listen to upbeat music or get a rainbow-colored hula hoop to add extra fun to your exercise.

Do you know any other exercise tips for hula hoops? Tell us in the comments below!

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