Play On: 4 Unexpected Things You Can Make with LEGOs

Who hasn’t heard of Lego bricks? Lego is a construction and assembly type of toy made of interlocking plastic blocks, gears, and mini-figures. They can be used to construct robots, vehicles, buildings, and other toys. These bricks are good for anyone with a creative mind and a wild imagination. But who says that Lego is just a children’s toy? Lego is also widely used in robotic experiments and demonstrations. Physicists and engineers use Lego blocks and gears to help build prototype robots and cars. But it doesn’t end there. Did you know that you can also use Lego bricks to make nifty projects you can ac use in your daily life? You just have to play on!

Take out those bricks and blocks out of because it’s time to start playing. Squeeze out those creative juices with these 4 simple and fun to build activities will surely bring out your inner child!


Lego Key Holders

lego keyholders


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Create a quirky home for your keys so they never get lost! Turn your Legos into a Lego Key Holder. Aside from legos, you will need:

  • Key rings or key chains
  • Drill (depending on which type of Lego you’ll be using)
  • Adhesive tape

First, choose your base. It can be a thin Lego platform or a large Lego block. It really depends on your preference. This will be the base of your key holder. Using your adhesive tape, stick the platform onto your wall. You can also opt to drill a hole and screw it against the wall to ensure that it doesn’t fall.

Of course, key holders won’t be complete without the keys! Attach the key into a key ring or a key chain. Choose your preferred Lego block to accessorize the key chain. If your Lego piece already has a hole in it, then simply attach the key ring. However, if you intend to use Lego blocks or pieces without a hole, you may need to drill a hole in it. Voila! You now have a nifty key holder that’s appealing and fun to make.


Lego USB Stick

Pump up the style of your USB Stick by making it look like a Lego brick! Find the perfect Lego block where your USB stick could fit in. Using a pen knife and pliers, take out the inner part of the brick and cut out a part of the side where your connector will be placed. Secure your stick inside the block by filling it with clear silicone. This will reduce movement of the stick and will let the light shine through. Then you can enclose your masterpiece by gluing a flat Lego piece which has the same size as your brick. You can also opt to make an end cap. Amazing isn’t it? You can also attach it to the key holder we made. You can go from one block to an amazing masterpiece!

lego usb

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Lego Jewelries

Add a touch of childhood into your usual grown-up apparel! Attach Lego pieces into your necklaces and turn them into cute charms and trinkets. These can also be made to bracelets, earrings and even rings! You just need small Lego pieces and a glue gun to start making these adorable jewelries. These are perfect gifts for children and even for the children at heart.


Lego Salt and Pepper Shaker

Bring those Lego blocks into your kitchen. These salt and pepper shakers can be made using your black and white Lego blocks! You will need 2×4, 2×2, and 2×1 Lego pieces for this. Build a bottle, with one side colored white for salt and the black side for the pepper. Use a flat lego piece or any material that you can cut and put inside to act as a divider for the salt and pepper. Carefully drill tiny holes onto the middle of the top portion. Be sure not to destroy the protruded Lego locks. The 2×2 block will act as the lid of the shaker. It’s a cutesy present for your friends who love to cook!

These Do It Yourself projects are not only useful and nifty, but they are also a form of bonding to families and friends. Of course, it doesn’t end here. Use your imagination to continue developing projects using Lego. Be a master builder of your own. Play on!


Have you ever done DIY lego projects before? Sound off in the comments!

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