Favorite Childhood Game – Super Mario Games

In 1987, it was a very special year in my young life. I received my first video game system and cartridge. This was the Nintendo Entertainment System and the game “Super Mario Bros.” At the time, I had no idea that this console and game would become the building block for all future games and consoles. Anyone who was born or raised in the 1980s can likely recall the first time they played Super Mario Bros. For me, it was something that I had never seen before. The only gaming console I was aware of at the time was Atari 2600, which had mediocre graphics and no real storyline to its games. But with Super Mario Bros, it changed the way I saw video games from that point forward.


Super Mario Bros is a game about two plumbers that are brothers; Mario and Luigi. They are on a quest to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil King Koopa, also called Bowser in the later Mario games. Koopa is a talking dinosaur that spits fireballs out of its mouth. In each stage of the game you have to get through three levels and then enter a castle level where the princess is supposed to be in. But in most of these castle levels you don’t actually find the princess. You just find a woman who says the princess is in another castle. The real princess is found in the 8th stage of the game.

As you play through the levels as Mario, you can defend yourself by jumping on enemies. Some of the enemies include goombas, turtles, hammer brothers, fish, giant bullets, and more. If you want to play as Luigi then you have to choose the 2 player option and then play as the 2nd player. Anytime you get hit by an enemy you shrink into a smaller character. If you get hit a second time then you lose a life and have to start back at the checkpoint of the level. The only way you can restore your normal size is if you get a mushroom. There are also stars you can collect to be temporarily invincible and flowers that give you the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies.

super mario game

There have been so many Super Mario Bros spinoffs and sequels over the years. According to MarioWiki.com, there are over 171 games in the Super Mario Bros franchise. But the one game that got the franchise noticed was the original Super Mario Bros for regular NES. This game still sticks in my mind to this very day whenever I think about video games of the past and from my childhood. Any child of the new generation who is interested in video game history should definitely go back and play this one because it is a classic that cannot be recreated.

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