Barbie by Stefano Canturi: The Most ‘Valuable’ Barbie in History


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Who is Barbie?

Barbara Millicent Roberts, internationally known as Barbie, has over 50 years of popularity. She has been every little girl’s favorite doll. She takes on different roles, providing girls with lots of fun opportunities to dress her up. At the same time, she also serves as a role model they can look up to. She reminds little girls that they can be whoever and whatever they want to be.

She has become a renowned fashion icon and having been dubbed with such a title, Mattel made sure that she lives up to the expectations of her fans. And that’s why, to this date, Barbie has already worked and modeled for world-famous clothing and jewelry designers, throughout her years of popularity.


Each specially designed Barbie is treated as collector’s edition which not only commemorated Barbie’s milestones, but also answered the yearning of Barbie collectors which have already grown in number. These exclusively designed Barbie doll versions were auctioned, setting the record as the most expensive Barbie sold, one after the other.

In 2009, in time for the launch of the Barbie® Basics Collection in Australia, Mattel invited Stefano Canturi to work with Barbie in creating her most precious and valuable look. Now, if you’re not a jewelry enthusiast, the name Canturi may not be enough to wow you but let us give you an idea about who Stefano Canturi exactly is.

Who is Stefano Canturi? 

Have you seen this sophisticated and intricately designed jewelry anywhere? (Refer to the first photo on the left) If you’re a fan of romantic or musical films, then you probably guessed right. It’s Satine’s necklace from the film Moulin Rouge. Stefano Canturi is the jewelry designer behind this perfectly crafted piece, he created the necklace for Nicole Kidman’s role in the Academy award winning motion picture.

Stefano Canturi is an internationally celebrated fine jewelry designer known for his designs crafted with soulful cubist inspiration – a look that’s modern, timeless, and iconic. His designs also shone in other movies including The Matrix and Superman Returns. Necklaces and bracelets made by Canturi Jewels have also been scouted on the arms and necks of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Christina Hendricks, Kylie Minogue, among others.

Barbie® by Stefano Canturi ­

Barbie-1When Mattel asked Canturi to ‘create a world first – the rarest and one-of-a-kind Barbie’ – that was exactly what he did.

Canturi was given complete freedom to stylize Barbie from head to toe. From the hair, the make-up, the wardrobe, and even her pose. But of course, the highlight of his Barbie masterpiece is a diamond collar necklace that he designed especially for the timeless fashion icon.

It took Canturi 6 months to create and stylize a very original Barbie and according to him, “… he loved every minute of it.” He thought of every detail and his designs were centered on Barbie’s very own persona. “Barbie is iconic and so I didn’t just want to cover her with diamonds, I wanted the jewelry design to pay homage to her modern yet timeless style, this is why I applied my Cubism design concept to her look; it is perfect for her.” He stated in an interview.

The diamond Cubism necklace, which features a bunch of white diamonds surrounding a precious 1 carat Australian Argyle pink diamond collectible, makes Barbie® by Stefano Canturi the World’s Most Expensive Barbie. She also wears a Canturi diamond ring on her right hand, matching the intricate neck piece. The doll went up for auction at Christie’s in New York and has been sold in October 2010 for $302,500.

Most Valuable Barbie in History

The Barbie made by Stefano Canturi is considered the most valuable not solely because of the West Aussie pink diamond that she wears, nor of the auction price with which she was sold. Her value is considered most significant for the cause she stands for.

After Canturi received the commission from Mattel, he thought the undertaking much too decadent during that time, and decided to take on the job if Mattel agrees that all proceeds from Barbie’s auction, be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As much as Canturi wanted to pay homage to Barbie’s “modern yet timeless style”, he also wanted to dedicate his masterpiece to the women who inspires his art and for which he designs all of his fine jewelries.

And so, as soon as Barbie® by Stefano Canturi arrived back at Christie’s New York from her World Tour, she was sold for $302,500 and as promised, benefited The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

Barbie is definitely one extraordinary woman, with 150+ career experiences and a beauty that’s immortalized all around the world. Though she’s made of plastic, she lets little girls know how fantastic it is to dream big and keep going. As long as her true calling remains the same – to encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions – she is sure to be celebrated for more and more years to come.


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